Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Services – Windsor Terrace

Windsor Terrace has many older homes that people have lived in for generations. While many of these older homes and apartments are lovely, they also come with older water pipes, which can break flooding your home or business. Of course broken water pipes are not the only cause of water damage to buildings, other common causes of water damage include:

Major flooding | Breaches in storm drain protocol | Broken water mains

Plugged tubs, sinks, and showers | Leaking radiators | Leaking appliance hoses

Services we provide

We provide a complete range of water damage repair services. These services include:

Temporary Repairs

– The first step in dealing with water damage is stopping the flow of water into the building. Our water damage repair technician will make the necessary temporary repairs to stop the flow of water until permanent repairs can be made.

Cleaning the Affected Area-

Cleaning the effected area means providing different services to meet different needs. Some of the cleaning services we may use depending on the situation includes cleaning carpeting and upholstery, sanitizing and disinfecting the affected area, treating the area for mold and mildew.

Removing the Water

- Once the flow of water is stopped, the next step is removing any standing water from your home or business. Our powerful water extractors make short work of removing standing water quickly and effectively. Once the standing water is removed our dehumidifiers and fans will finish the drying process by drying up walls, floors, furniture, carpeting and the air itself, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria and mold and mildew growth.

Permanent Repairs-

Our water damage repair technician will also thoroughly inspect the affected area and discuss the necessary permanent repairs with you. Once you understand what repairs are needed we will then make all the necessary repairs to return your building to its original condition. This may include such things as replacing carpeting, tearing out damp installation and installing new installation and replacing warped wall or floorboards.

How Dirty Mattress Affects Your Sleep & Your Health

There are several ways that a dirty mattress can affect you sleep and your health. Here are just a few ways that you can be affected.

  • Magnification of odors- Odors that you hardly notice when you are awake can become magnified during sleep disturbing your rest and even resulting in waking you up and causing early morning headaches.
  • Itching- dust, dirt, and dust mites can cause uncomfortable itching which can disrupt your sleep and leave you feeling tired and uncomfortable.
  • Lower bedroom air quality- dust. Pollen, and even dead skin cells in your mattress will be thrown into the air each and every time you toss and turn during your sleep. This lowers your bedroom air quality and causes you to inhale this dirt and dust every time you breathe in. The dust you breathe in can end up causing you to sneeze and cough and really have a negative effect on people who suffer from a respiratory condition.

The Importance of Dealing with Water Damage

When water damage occurs most people feel a moment of panic. However, when water damage occurs the most important thing you can do is to maintain your head and deal with the situation immediately.

The sooner you discover and deal with any water damage the less damage your home or building with suffer.

Quickly assessing the situation and deciding when to call in professional help can save you a lot of frustration, worry and money.

However, when professional water damage technicians are necessary having them available immediately when you need them is vital in this situation.

Here at Windsor Terrace Carpet Cleaning our water damage repair technicians are on call and available 24 hours a day 7days a week to meet your water damage repair needs.

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