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The carpeting in your home does much more than keep your feet warm and provide a bit of soundproofing for your home. Your carpeting adds interest, texture, and color to your home décor. However, if your carpeting becomes dirty or stained it can detract from the overall décor of your home and leave your room looking less clean than it actually is.

DYI Carpet Cleaning

While it is possible to clean you’re carpeting itself, doing so is a time consuming and messy job and the results are not always what you hope it will be. Rental machines aren’t always well maintained and can leave behind dirty water streaks from leaking tanks, or simply have worn brushes or other problems that results in you only being able to clean the surface of your carpeting leaving the ground in dirt still in your carpeting where it can continue to do damage to your carpet fibers wearing them out sooner than you would like.

Hiring the services of our trained carpet cleaning technicians here at Windsor Terrace Carpet Cleaning will not only save you time and effort, but you will love the frustration free results. Here is what makes our carpet cleaning so well.

Our Organic Carpet Cleaning Products

Our organic carpet cleaning products are tough on dirt, stains and odors but gentle on your carpet fibers.

In addition, our organic cleaners have no toxic fumes or residue and are safer for you, your children and your pets than those chemical cleaners used by some other carpet cleaning companies.

Our Carpet Cleaning Technicians

Not only do our carpet cleaning technicians love what they do, but we put them through a thorough training process before we allow them to clean the carpeting in your home.

Our carpet cleaning technicians not only learn how to use our state of the art carpet cleaning equipment and our green cleaners, they also learn how to identify common stains and odors and how to best treat and eliminate them.

State of the Art Carpet Cleaning Equipment

For starters we choose to use the very best carpet cleaning equipment. Our state of the art steam cleaners reaches the dirt deep down to the roots of your carpet fibers and lifts the dirt to the surface and gently extracts it way.

Leaving your carpet fibers uniformly cleaned down the entire length of the fibers. In addition, our cleaning equipment are frequently inspected and well maintained to ensure that you function exactly as they are meant to clean.

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

In order to best meet our customers carpet cleaning needs we provide both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services.

No matter whether you have a efficiency apartment with one small carpeted room, an entire two or three story house or manage an apartment building with a hundred carpeted apartments or a single business that needs to have a carpet or two cleaned we can meet your carpet cleaning needs.

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